Opportunities 10.12.11


Cronkite Immersion Programs
Deadline to apply for programs like Cronkite NewsWatch, Cronkite News Service, Cronkite Washington Bureau, Cronkite New Media Innovation Lab and Entrepreneurship programs is on October 19. Click here for undergraduate application

Internship Deadlines
If you are searching for a PR/Social Media internship for the spring 2012 semester and want to participate in the upcoming internship interview day on November 4, please submit an internship application to Alicia Tang-Mills by Friday, October 14.

If you are interested in print/online journalism internships in the spring, please submit an application and all materials by October 21. All clips must be submitted to Alicia Tang-Mills in Cronkite #222 by October 21.

Dow Jones Copy Editing/Multimedia Exam
Prof. Leslie-Jean Thornton will be monitoring the annual Dow Jones Copy Editing/Multimedia Internship exam on Monday, Oct. 24, 9:45 – 10:45 a.m. If you’re interested, please contact leslie-jean.thornton@asu.edu

The DJ site is: https://www.newsfund.org/PageText/Prg_HomePages.aspx?Page_ID=Prg_CollegeIntern

Past exams (and answers) are available here for practice:

That page also links to study guides.
The parts of the exam that appear to present the most challenge to applicants involve:

Geography – to be successful, you need to know all the US states and where they are.
Current events – the exam requires candidates to link news stories from the past year to the state in which they took place (or some similar tie).
More current events – additional questions involve large stories from the past year no matter where they took place. Those do not have to be linked visually to a geographic region. The exam is usually prepared in August/September so anything up to and including that time is fair game.
Editing for logic: Candidates should be prepared to do a little basic math and know basic history. Test stories often contain numeric inconsistencies that need to be noted on the exam. For example, an age in an obit may not be consistent with the birth and death dates in a story. The story might confuse percents with percentage points. A story might say someone was a veteran of WW1 but other points in the story suggest that would have been impossible.
Personal essay: This is KEY. Dow Jones wants to know a student is interested in editing and why.

The exam is extremely competitive – and has become more so as fewer news organizations have the money to participate. We’ve had some outstanding Cronkite students win this internship. Be warned that a paid stint as a copy editor disqualifies a candidate – this has happened at least twice that I know of. Previous internships, however, are fine. Juniors, seniors and grad students are eligible.

Another Career Fair
The Downtown Phoenix campus is sponsoring an internship/career fair on October 19. Please note: This event is not affiliated with the Cronkite School and should not be confused with the upcoming internship interview days sponsored by the Cronkite School.

Attend the “How to Navigate a Career Fair” workshop on Monday, October 17 at 1:30pm in the DPC Career Services Office. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions. You can reach us at 602-496-1213.

Only two media companies will be at this non-Cronkite sponsored event and those opportunities


McMurry Interactive Marketing & PR Internship Program
The goal of the McMurry Interactive Marketing & PR Internship program is to provide hands-on real world experience to college students, and to help assist our clients with their needs, too. We’ve structured an environment that gives you real projects to work on, strategize about and devote your time to. You’ll be work on client projects daily and by the end of your internship, you’ll have stronger foundational skills, elements to add to your portfolio and a wealth of knowledge in your back pocket.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

·How to write a press release and pitch
·How to develop a media list (local and national, as well as niche)
·Foundational understanding of SEO/PPC
·Introduction to Google Analytics and how it benefits clients
·The best location to shoot a Nerf gun from without being spotted J
·Marketing Research and strategic planning
·Client coordination
·Time management

We are looking for college juniors and seniors, and are open to working with your college department for credit needs.

Please send your resume, a writing sample and a cover letter that showcases how you think PR, Social and Interactive Marketing work together to market a business and what your goals for an internship are. You need to be available at least 4 hours per day, three days per week and willing to work the entire semester. McMurry offers a flexible/casual work environment. Yes, you can wear your jeans. You need to be creative, amazing and excited to learn a ton because you’re not going to be brewing coffee around here (unless you happen to take the last cup from the kitchen and then, you better do the right thing and make more!). To learn more about life at McMurry, visit McMurry.com.

Amy Linert – Interactive Communications Manager

Digital Media and PR Internship
We are a 15-year-old public relations and marketing firm based in Scottsdale, Arizona that specializes in green centric, inspirational and natural health media content. We work with authors, celebrities, and practitioners in this arena. We will be partnering with two other online publications to grow our sites. We also focus on the areas of film, music and television production.

Please see our sites:

We need an individual who is savvy in digital media, SEO and social media. Knowledge of WordPress for uploading articles and banner
images is an important skill and will be taught to qualified applicants.Knowledge of HTML is a plus. Internship is available for college credit or to garner relevant career building relevant experience. We want positive mental attitudes with a desire to learn more about life skills and holistic health. You will be able to work from home, saving time and money on travel. The hours are flexible and we are willing to work around your class schedule. Perks include concerts, events and possible travel. This is a unpaid internship.

Interns must be self-motivated and have a desire for excellence. We are on an honor system with hours and encourage mature, highly skilled and dedicated students to apply.

A minimum of 15 hours a week is required. You will work virtually with one in person meeting and 2 conference/ SKYPE calls each week.
This is an excellent opportunity to learn and gain experience in a real world situation with a company that is passionate about what it does and committed to the success of its clients as well as its employees.

Position type: Part Time/Full Time/ Internship
Send resume to
trina@cloudninemarketing.com or call 480 419. 1799

Apply For A Spring 2012 Internship With SABR
The Society for American Baseball Research is seeking an intern with journalism and multimedia skills for the spring of 2012. The ideal candidate will produce and edit content to be displayed on our website at SABR.org, working with our Web Content Editor/Producer and other staff members.

This internship will include responsibilities across a variety of disciplines, possibly including:

Interviewing SABR members and other figures in the baseball research community
Writing and editing stories
Taking photographs and shooting/editing video
Posting content online using the Drupal content management system
Engaging the baseball research community through social media and other platforms
Helping to develop special editorial projects for SABR.org
Working on-site at a local SABR event, such as the spring baseball analytics conference or Arizona Fall League Conference

Interested candidates should be able to demonstrate basic office-related computer skills. Proficiency with image-editing software and basic HTML knowledge is a plus.

A working knowledge of baseball — and an awareness of the game’s general history and basic statistics — is required.

The internship is an unpaid educational opportunity, covering 15-20 hours per week (flexible schedule), at the SABR office in Phoenix, Arizona. The internship will be for a fixed period of time and is designed to provide the intern with skills and training that may be applicable to working in a nonprofit research environment or in other research-based organizations. No housing assistance will be provided. Internships may count toward college credit.

Please send a resume, cover letter and 4-6 samples of published articles in PDF form by 12 p.m. MST November 15 to jpomrenke@sabr.org.

About SABR: SABR’s mission as a nonprofit organization is to foster the research, preservation and dissemination of the history and record of baseball.

Related link: Apply by October 25 for a Boston-area internship working with SABR’s Publications Director

LeadingAge Arizona Internship
Position Description: Marketing/PR/ Community Relations Intern Effective Date: Spring 2012. Our Executive Director and Executive Assistant are looking to fill 1 marketing internships for spring 2012. Marketing, PR, or related majors are encouraged to apply. LeadingAge Arizona is a not-for-profit trade association. We represent more than 50 facilities, each dedicated to providing quality health care, housing and services to over 12,000 elderly Arizona citizens. LeadingAge Arizona is the only association in Arizona representing the full continuum of long-term care, housing, and services including: retirement communities, HUD subsidized senior housing, assisted living and nursing facilities. The association serves its members by providing leadership, education, advocacy, and opportunities for collaboration to help members achieve their mission
•MUST BE current student at ASU
•Flexible schedule, 8-12 hours per week

General responsibilities include but are not limited to:
•Create a marketing plan for our annual conference
•Create monthly newsletters, press releases, and update our client database
•Help solicit sponsorships
•Assistance with LeadingAge Arizona promotions, events and education workshops provided to members
Skills Desired:
•Superior written and oral communication skills
•Basic knowledge of MS Office and database management

Please contact with resume and cover letter to:
Ashley Slechta

The NJCAA Soccer Championships will be held n north Phoenix next month.We still need an announcer for the games on Thursday, November 17. Game times are 11:00a, 1:30p, 4p, and 6:30p. If you are interested in sports broadcasting or know the game of soccer, we’d love to hear from you!

Randy Phillips
Customer Support / Events Management / Broadcaster

iHigh.com, Inc.
325 West Main Street 3rd Floor – Lexington, KY 40507
Office: 859.514.3883
Mobile: 859.421.4617
Email: randy.phillips@ihigh.com
The Global Youth Network

On November 10-13, Phoenix International Raceway (PIR) will be conducting its final major race weekend of the year. I am again looking for some aspiring journalists who are interested in experiencing sports reporting at the highest level to work as volunteer pit note reporters.

This is the next-to-last NASCAR race of the season and it could play a pivotal role in determining the 2011 champions in the three classes of racing competing at PIR that weekend. It is the job of my pit notes team to bring those developments to the attention of the media.

Please note that pit note reporters are volunteer positions. The track will, however, provide food and beverages.

I am the editor of the pit notes at PIR. The pit notes are the basic bits of information used to keep the media informed of news events at the track during a race weekend. It is my job to decide what is important and what is not and then to put a brief record of the newsworthy item into the notes. They generally run 40 to 60 pages for an entire race weekend.

I obtain a significant portion of the information used in the pit notes by communicating by radio with various volunteer pit reporters (usually 4 to 10) and directing them where to go, who to speak with, and what to ask. The key is taking complete and accurate quotes (as you will see, these quotes are regarded as “gospel” by the media; they will be copied EXACTLY in newspapers and magazines) and doing so quickly. At the end of each race, pit note reporters will be assigned to either get quotes from several drivers or to attend the post-race news conference and get the quotes from other drivers about what happened on the track. Afterwards, pit note reporters would come to the media center and type the quotes (as quickly as possible) into a computer so that I can edit them and we can distribute them to the reporters. Because Phoenix is not in the Eastern time zone, it is important to get the information to the media as quickly as we can so that the stories that appear in the next morning’s newspapers on the East coast are as complete and accurate as possible.

The track will provide my staff with credentials providing full-access to the pits, garage area and media facilities. There is no assigned seat for this volunteer job and participants must act professionally at all times (e.g., requests for autographs, asking celebrities to pose for photographs, etc. are strictly forbidden). But the pit note reporters do get the opportunity to talk to the leading players in the sport (such as Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and Jimmie Johnson) as well as other celebrities (Senators John McCain and John Kyl and Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona, baseball players Brandon Webb and Randy Johnson, actor/singer Tyrese Gibson, comedian Arsenio Hall, and professional wrestler Sgt. Slaughter have all attended recent races).

Working as a pit notes reporter is an experience that enables aspiring sports writers to see the sport from an unique perspective; I can add that everyone who has volunteered to do this work at the various tracks I have established this program has certainly enjoyed the experience (though it does tend be a physically draining experience).

For anyone who is curious about this opportunity, I can provide an electronic copy of some past notes pit notes. They are available as an MS Word document, and are sent as individual pages but the notes are in a large file (more than 700kb) because of various graphics within the document. Those who volunteer for the November 10-13 weekend will be able to take home a hard copy of the weekend’s notes to add to their clipping portfolio.

The November 10-13 race weekend will feature three races in four days, so events will be exceptionally intense. Friday and Saturday will be the most difficult days – they are the longest (in terms of most on-track action) and feature the most diverse activity (featuring practice and qualifying sessions for all three classes). We will have a staff meeting each day to discuss expectations for the current day and to discuss problems encountered the previous day and possible ways to overcome them.

I need a full commitment for all four days of action from anyone who wants to be a pit reporter. In extraordinary circumstances, I would consider a student working only on Thursday and Friday, but activities get lighter as the weekend progresses so I will not consider anyone who wishes to work only on Saturday and Sunday.

A typical day at the track begins when the first on-track activity occurs (approximately 9 a.m.) and it ends about three hours AFTER the checkered flag falls; the notes produced after the end of the race are probably the most important. We generally conclude our duties three-and-a-half hours after the drop of the checkered flag. The track supplies food (at least lunch, possibly breakfast and dinner) and beverages. Nobody is asked to work constantly during the practice sessions, but during the time trials and races, the pit note staff is quite active.

If any journalism students are curious about this opportunity or if you have specific questions, I can be contacted by return eMail or I can be called at 253-220-2566 (despite the area code, I am based in New York so if anyone wishes to call, they should be aware that I am in the Eastern time zone. No calls after 8 p.m. Arizona time, please).

Additionally, I certainly would be available to act as a reference for any student who successfully serves as a pit note reporter and I would gladly help them with a job description that could be used as part of a resume.

With the race weekend activities now just over one month away, I am trying to fill this staffing requirement as soon as possible. Ideally, I would prefer sophomores or juniors so that I might utilize their services at future events, but I will consider all applicants. Past knowledge of NASCAR or any form of auto racing would be helpful, but it is not necessary. However, I would like to see some examples of their work and to speak with some references who can discuss the applicant’s abilities and work habits.

John Chuhran

Sprouts Markets is looking for some videography/editing/photography help.

The following outlines the specifics:

·He is looking to start the project on Monday, 10/24 and will go through 12/3
·There would be compensation which is negotiable
·We are sponsoring an Autism walk in Tempe on 10/30 and he would like to have them take some stills of this event
·Our holiday party is scheduled for Saturday, 12/3 – he would like for this person to attend/ help with the equipment, etc.
·There may be 2 or 3 videos (approx. 2 -5 min each in length) for the holiday party
·They must have their own equipment for filming and editing
·They would work closely w/ our Marketing team
·Involves shooting/ editing only

Nadine Frey
Human Resources Manager
Sprouts Farmers Market
11811 N. Tatum Blvd., #2400
Phoenix, AZ 85028
Phone: (480) 814-8016 x-128

A cable food series special that is shooting a segment in Scottsdale on 10/14 and 10/15 needs three students to help with shoots.

There is one photo intern position per day, if any of your students are more interested in journalism and still photography.

Our shoots begin around 10 – 11AM and run for 10 hours, and we are looking for people who will be available all day. Tasks vary depending on the shoot location, but we always need help with gathering appearance releases, organizing shoot tapes, helping with gear set and wrap, and … gathering even more appearance releases 🙂

These are not going to be overly technical positions, but it's a good two day primer for students who are looking to get into production and would like to be on location for two days, ask questions, and see everything that goes into shooting a segment of a popular TV show.

The positions are unpaid, but our crew will take care of lunch and any parking expenses.

I would love to chat with any interested students about the day. If anyone would like to apply to work with us, please have them e-mail me with their resume and confirm that they can be available on 10/14 and 10/15 during shoot hours.



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